Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Why do I have to pay for vacuuming service based on 100 square feet when the carpet is only 90 square feet?
Answer: The standard trade show minimum charge for booth vacuuming is 100 square feet.

Question: What is the difference between a display counter and a display table?
Answer: The display counter is 42" high and the display table is 30" high.

Question: If the booth is 10' x 10', why is the carpet 9' x 10'?
Answer: It is an industry standard size and allows for the electrical cables to run along the back of the booth. If you would like 10' x 10' carpet, we have custom cut carpet available on our order forms.

Question: What is the difference between a cocktail round and a cocktail pedestal?
Answer: A cocktail round is 30" high and can be used with our chairs. The cocktail pedestal is 42" high and may be used with our barstools.

Question: All the other shows I exhibit in have a table and chairs included with the booth space, why doesn't this one?
Answer: Show Managers provide different items for different shows and sometimes only the ID sign is included.

Question: Do I get to keep the items after the show?
Answer: No, this is the rental price and it includes delivery and removal of the item.

Question: Is the rental price per day or per event?
Answer: The rental price is for the duration of the event.

Question: Can you bill me for your services after the show has ended?
Answer: We require prepayment for our services. We send our Exhibitor Order Forms in advance to allow exhibitors the opportunity to order the services prior to the show. We include our payment and credit card authorization form in the service kit so that exhibitors may fax their credit card orders or mail their orders with a check.

Question: Do I order forklift service to unload my vehicle?
Answer: Forklift service is ordered if you are moving or placing something that is already in your booth space. If you need assistance unloading your vehicle, we provide material handling services. Please see the Material Handling Order Form in your exhibitor kit for further information.

Question: What does material handling include?
Answer: Material Handling includes unloading the freight from the carrier or private vehicle, delivery to the booth, storage of empty containers during show hours. Once the show is over, the empties will be returned to your booth for you to repack, label and complete outbound shipping paperwork. We will then load the freight onto our show carrier or a carrier of your choice (which you will need to contact).

Question: Is it a benefit to send my shipment in advance to your warehouse?
Answer: We encourage you to send your shipment to our warehouse in advance. We will receive freight up to 30 days in advance of the show, then deliver it directly to your booth prior to your arrival. You may call our office in advance to confirm receipt of your freight. Shipping in advance also alleviates the carriers from having to go through any marshalling yards during show site move-in.

Question: After the show ends how do I arrange to have my shipment sent back to me or to another show?
Answer: Exhibitors may utilize our show carrier system. We arrange for our show carrier to pick up your freight at the conclusion of the event and have it shipped to your specified destination. If you prefer to use another carrier, you must contact that carrier to arrange for your freight to be picked up. All shipments require an outbound Bill of Lading which can be obtained at the DWA Service Desk during the move-out of the show.

Question: Are there any union regulations that require I use the decorator's services to set up and dismantle my booth?
Answer: At this time you are free to set your own booth. If needed, you may hire skilled labor from DWA using the Labor Order Form in your exhibitor kit.

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