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All orders are governed by the DWA Payment Policy and Limits of Liability & Responsibility. Please read the following carefully.

  1. DWA and its subcontractors shall not be responsible for ordinary wear and tear in handling of equipment, damage to uncrated materials, materials packed improperly, glass breakage or concealed damage. Claims for loss or damage must be submitted to DWA by the close of the show. No suit or action shall be brought against DWA or its subcontractors more than six months after the cause of action accrues.
  2. DWA and its subcontractors are not responsible for the loss of, disappearance of, or damage to Exhibitor's freight after the same has been delivered to Exhibitor's booth, nor are DWA and its subcontractors responsible for Exhibitor's freight before it is picked up from Exhibitor's booth for loading after the show. All bills of lading covering outgoing shipments submitted to DWA or its subcontractors by Exhibitor will be checked at the time of pickup from the booth and corrected where discrepancies exist.
  3. It is agreed that DWA and its subcontractors are not insurers. Insurance, if any, shall be obtained by Exhibitor. Amounts payable by DWA hereunder are based on the scope of liability as herein set forth and are unrelated to the value of the Exhibitor's property. It is further agreed that DWA and its subcontractors do not provide for full liability should loss or damage occur. In the event that DWA should be found liable for loss or damage to Exhibitor's equipment, the liability shall be limited to the specific article that was physically lost or damaged. Such liability shall be limited to a sum equal to $.30 per pound/per article with a maximum liability of $50.00 per item or $1,000 per shipment, whichever is less, as agreed upon damages and exclusive remedy. Provisions of this paragraph shall apply if loss or damage, regardless of cause of origin, results directly or indirectly to property through performance or nonperformance of obligations imposed by the offering of services to Exhibitors, or from negligence, active or otherwise, by DWA, its subcontractors or their employees.
  4. At the close of show, if carriers fail to pick up or refuse to accept shipment, DWA reserves the right to reroute such shipment or move shipment to our warehouse pending advice from Exhibitor who will be charged accordingly for this service. No liability will be assumed as a result of such rerouting or handling. Thus, in order to expedite removal of materials from the show site, DWA shall have the authority to change designated carriers, if such carriers do not pick up on time. Where no disposition is made by Exhibitor, materials will be taken to DWA's warehouse to await Exhibitor's shipping instructions, and Exhibitor agrees to be responsible for payment of charges relating to such handling at the warehouse. DWA assumes no liability as a result of such re-routing or handling.
  5. DWA and its subcontractors shall not be liable for shipments received without receipts, freight bills or bill of lading, such as UPS or van lines, these shipments will be delivered to booth without guarantee of piece count or condition. No liability will be assumed for such shipments. Shipments received on separate days will be treated as separate minimum shipments.
  6. DWA and its subcontractors shall not be liable to any extent whatsoever for any actual, potential or assumed loss of profits or revenues or for any collateral costs that may result from any loss, injury or damage to Exhibitor's materials or Exhibitor personnel which may make it impossible or impractical to exhibit same.
  7. The Exhibitor agrees, in the event of a dispute with DWA or its subcontractors relative to any loss or damage to any of the Exhibitor's freight or equipment, that the Exhibitor will not withhold payment in any amount due to DWA for freight handling services or any other services provided by DWA or its subcontractors as an offset against the amount of the alleged loss or damage. Instead, the Exhibitor agrees to pay DWA prior to the close of the show for all such charges and further agrees that any claim the Exhibitor may have against DWA or its subcontractors shall be pursued independently by the Exhibitor as a completely separate transaction to be resolved on its own merits.
  8. DWA and its subcontractors shall not be responsible for any loss, delay, or damage due to events beyond their reasonable control which cannot be avoided by the exercise of due care and prudence, including without limitation, strikes, labor disputes, lockouts or work stoppages of any kind, fire, theft, windstorm, water, vandalism, acts of God, mysterious failure of power or utilities, and other events.
  9. The Exhibitor agrees, in connection with the receipt, handling, temporary storage and reloading of its freight, that DWA and its subcontractors will provide these services as Exhibitor's agent and not as bailee or shipper. If any employee of DWA or its subcontractors shall sign a delivery receipt, bill of lading or other document, the parties agree that DWA or its subcontractor will do so as the Exhibitor's agent, and the Exhibitor accepts the responsibility thereof.
  10. Empty Storage labels will be available at the DWA Service Desk. Affixing the labels is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor or its representative. It is understood that these labels are used for empty storage only, and DWA and its subcontractors assume no responsibility or liability for loss or damage to contents while containers are in storage or for mislabeled containers.
  11. Rates are subject to Union contract changes and rates effective at time of show. Rates include Social Security, Workerªs Compensation Insurance and Public Liability Insurance. DWA and its subcontractors shall not be responsible for loss, delay or damage due to strikes, lockouts, or work stoppages of any kind.
  12. Please ship early and ship prepaid. DWA will not accept collect shipments.

All orders are governed by the DWA Payment Policy and Limits of Liability & Responsibility.

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