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Our Materials are green too!

We are committed to our green processes and are continually looking for the highest quality and greenest substrates on the market. Here are just some of the Green Materials we offer at DWA!

Recyclable Coroplast® Smooth-Fluted Plastic
100% recyclable, water resistant, non-toxic, chemical resistant, & cost effective. Indoor or outdoor use.
RecyclableBiodegradableSustainable FalconBoard® Hexacomb Rigid Graphic Board
A green alternative to foam-based display boards.
Hexacomb® Falconboard is the only graphic display board made from reusable, renewable and 100% recyclable kraft paper honeycomb material.  Its printing capabilities equal that of foam boards, including use of wide format and digital solutions.  Its unique structure can handle the most demanding of graphic display requirements due to its high rigidity and dimensional stability.
BiodegradableSustainable BamFab® Bamboo Fiber Fabric Banner
An opaque, canvas-like banner fabric made of natural bamboo fiber with a printable coating,  BamFab provides excellent color pop and trims evenly without fraying.  Its bamboo fiber printable fabric is made from bamboo, the choice today for eco-friendly products.  Because the printable coating is made primarily of silicone, BamFab is 99.6% biodegradable.
Recyclable EcoLogic® 16oz Solvent Recyclable Banner
Two years outdoor Durability, PVC-Free & 100% Recyclable
EcoLogic® has many benefits over other recyclable media, including polyethylene (PE), when comparing durability, flexibility, overall print quality, and appearance.  It has been designed to have a smooth face which will allow for higher quality prints.
RecyclableBiodegradableSustainable NatureWoven Chorus Hessian Jute Faber Fabric
NatureWoven™ Chorus is a digitally-printable natural jute hessian backed with natural latex.  The raw materials in this substrate are natural and biodegradable.
RecyclableBiodegradable EcoPrint 50pt SBC
EcoPrint SBC is a 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper board made from 100% virgin material. Prints vivid colors and beautiful photographic images.
Recyclable PolyPro Banner
A low cost polypropylene banner for indoor use. Made for short term use, 6 monts indoors.
RecyclableSustainable InCycle
Aeris-InCycle is a product that reduces the environmental impact, is made from post-consumer recycled water bottles and is fully recyclable. This expanded PET product is designed to be used in both the printing and packaging industries. Aeris-InCycle is lightweight, environmentally sustainable and economical, making it an ideal product for printing and packaging companies.
RecyclableBiodegradable KatzBoard
KatzBoard is a two-sided laminated display board. It produces top quality signage, tent cards and other POS display solutions. It offers an eco-friendly alternative to mineral oil-based POS materials such as foamboard.
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